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Updated on 07/07/2023

How to get verified on Fundi Link

Getting a verification mark on your Fundi Link profile, increases your trust score to customer and helps your account to be hired more often. Fundi Link has two types of verifications for fundis, “Identity verification” and “Professional verification”.

Identity Verification

This is shown on profiles that have completed the identity verification process. The users are required to submit their National Identity Card and a selfie so that the verification team can doublecheck and confirm the user of the account. After this, the account gets a grey tick displayed along their name on their profile.

How to apply for Identity Verification

To start this process, you must be logged in as a fundi on (If you do not have a fundi account, read how to create an account in less than 1 minute here)

1- After logging in, click the menu icon at the top right of the screen, then select “Get Verified”.

2- After that you will be directed to the verification page, and you will click on the identity verification button to proceed.

3- The verification page will automatically detect the logged in account of the fundi and you can proceed to enter your legal name and upload the front and back photo of ID, then upload a selfie to complete the form. (We have set the upload photo field to open camera in real time so that we make sure the owner of the account is operating the account).

4- After you press submit, that’s all. The verification team will manually verify the information and add the tick to your account within 1-3 business days. (All requests are settled on first come first serve basis but when the team is overwhelmed, we let our users know in advance incase it will cause delays).

Professional Verification

This type of verification is used at Fundi Link to verify the professions of the fundis. Verified profile have a golden tick displayed on their profiles. The process of professional verification is done manually, when a user submits a certificate for verification, the verification team at fundi link will call the institution that offered the certificate to confirm the authenticity and verify the legitimacy. Only then will the tick be added to the respective fundi link profile.

Which certificates are accepted?

In case you have a question on this please drop a quick message here (if you are logged in) or call/WhatsApp +254100693095

How to apply for professional verification

Just like the process of “Identity Verification” the fundi account that is applying for the verification, must be logged in.

After that, click on the menu and select get verified, then choose the professional verification.

The page will automatically detect the user that is logged in, and you go ahead to upload the respective document that you have. After that, submit it and the verification team at Fundi Link will get on top of your application.

The time it takes to see the golden check varies here because sometimes the team does not immediately get in touch with the respective certification institute to validate the user’s information. But it normally takes 1-5 business days to get verified.

If you want to follow up on the application you can simply click here and send a quick message (if you are logged in) or call/WhatsApp +254100603095

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