By: Joseph

Updated on 12/01/2023

How to add a post on the timeline.

Adding posts of your work on the timeline is a great way of updating potential customers about what you are upto. Customers will quickly understand that you are the professional you claim to be, that other customers out there trust you with their projects and that you are proud enough of your work. It is best for a fundi to share posts daily to show off as much as possible because you do not know which picture or video might be the door to your next contract.


First, you need to be logged in on as a fundi to access the feature of posting on the timeline.

Note: Only fundis can share at the moment to give customers the freedom of selecting the profile that impresses them.

After logging in

1- click on the menu icon located at the top right of your screen.

2- click on “timeline” to open the timeline page.

The block at the top of this page is a simple feature that allows fundis to add new posts easily.

If you want to add an image

click on the image icon.

then you can either open the camera to take a photo or open your file manager to access photos already on your gallery.

If you want to add a video

click on the video icon and then follow the same steps.

3- After selecting your media file to post, you can go ahead and add a brief description. A description helps explain to a visitor what's happening in the image.

Note: It will also help us optimize it to improve your profile’s SEO rankings and boost your index on google and other search engines.

4-The final step is to click on the post button and showcase your work.


🎉🎉 Your post is live 🎉🎉

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