By: Joseph

Updated on 07/07/2023

How to find and hire a professional fundi in Kenya

Finding a professional fundi in Kenya has proven to be an unsolvable problem for ages. The clients were unable to find a place where they can go to any time and look for, evaluate and hire any professional any time. That has so far changed with the launch of Fundi Link, a service marketplace that allows clients to use its search engine and find the verified fundis available on the national database, from any part of the country, and any time they want.

Getting a fundi is very easy on Fundi Link, and we will give you the three steps you need to take to hire your first fundi.

First you will need to visit the search page, which does not require any visitor to be logged in to use.

If you are logged in you can click the “home” icon at the top to visit your dashboard, and you will be able to search from there.

Then you need to enter the keyword of who you are looking for (for example: plumber), and then filter by location to get the fundis that are nearest to you. Note that if you have a long-term project, you can leave the location filter off because many fundis are willing to travel and work outside their base counties for long term opportunities.

After you hit search and get the results page, you can simply start evaluating the fundis and click on the call icon to either, call the fundi directly, or send a message using fundi link in built chat system (this is recommended because we will be able to assist in case of any dispute that arises later).

That’s it, very easy right? You can do this at your own comfort and convenience.

We also offer a second option to hire, for clients who are very busy, or are unable to find the right person on the search tool. We have a “request form” that allows the clients to send us a request to help in linking them with professional fundis anywhere. But unlike the search engine, to use this the client is required to be logged in to using a client account. (If you do not have your client account yet, please register here)

After logging in, click the menu icon located at the top right of your screen. Then select “Request a fundi”.

Fill in the simple form and submit. The customer support team at Fundi Link will review your request and start vetting the right fundi for you as soon as possible. After that they will notify you by phone or WhatsApp about the status of your request.

Fundi Link is dedicated towards streamlining the process of getting a professional fundi in Kenya and how the fundis get to reach potential customers. If you have not created your account, please create one now at

Fundis can market their work, send quotations, invoices, and more while clients can be able to find and evaluate professionals, review & rate fundis, request construction materials quotations and more.

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