By: Joseph

Updated on 7/7/2023

What is a Fundi List? How does it work?

Client accounts on Fundi Link have the ability to save fundi profiles to their Fundi List and quickly access them later when they are ready to hire their services or buy their goods.

If the clients see a Fundi profile and they are impressed by their work but they do not need their services immediately, they can just add them to their Fundi List where they will be able to contact them when they are ready.

How to add a profile to your Fundi List

This feature is only available to clients right now. So, you must be logged in as a client on to be able to use it.

1- After logging in, visit the fundi profile that has impressed you. Then click the “person icon” between the call and share icons. The icon will change to a tick and that will show that the process is successful.

2- To see the profiles on your Fundi List, click the menu icon located on the top right of your screen, then select “My Fundi List”.

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