By: Joseph

Updated on 12/01/2023

How to create an amazing project portfolio for your profile

The project portfolio feature on Fundi Link allows a fundi to display their biggest projects for clients to see on their profiles. The portfolio will help the profile to stand out and build your trustworthiness to a client.

Follow the following steps to create your first project portfolio

First, you need to be logged in as a fundi on

(Do not have a fundi account, create one here)

1- Click the menu icon located at the top right of your screen and select “more settings”.

2- Then click “Edit Portfolio”

3- After that, click on the “+” icon to add a new project.

4- Enter the basic details of the project, the name of client, location, date and then select the cover photo of the project (This is the photo that will be displayed to the public before they click to see the entire project).

5- Finally, you must select the project’s gallery and then click “save & publish”

6- You will be redirected to the main portfolio projects page where you can edit all your projects and share to anyone or anywhere.

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