By: Joseph

Updated on 12/01/2023

How to edit a portfolio project

Portfolio projects are a good way of srengthening a fundi profile on FULI.

The portfolio allows a fundi to quickly showcase their best latest big projects completed.

The customers can easily learn that you are able to deliver big volume projects, that other customers out there trust you enough and that you are indeed the professional you claim to be.


First You have to be logged in a fundi account on the website to proceed with the steps below.

After logging in,

1- click on the menu icon which is located at the top right area of your screen.

2- Click on the edit portfolio

3- Next you need to click on the first "edit project" button to open the setup page for that project.

4- Now start with selecting the best cover photo for that particular project.

Then fill in the basic information about that project in the empty fields.

5- The last step is to select four pictures to add to the gallery of that project.

Note: Select high quality images to make sure visitors see your best work clearly.

6- Finally click on the save button to upload and update the changes. If the changes are made successfully, you will be redirected to the main portfolio setup page to add more projects.

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