By: Joseph

Updated on 12/01/2023

Editing a Fundi Profile

Editing your fundi profile is important for the following reasons:

  1. Enables a customer to make a decision better.
  2. Helps you rank on the website's search results.
  3. Our SEO enables complete profiles to rank on google and bing search results and get multiple leads.

So immediately you create a new fundi account, make sure you update your profile with the relevant information.

Step One

1- Click on the menu icon which is located at the top right area of your screen. Then select “edit profile”

2- Click the first rectangle to upload a cover photo for your account. Click the round image, to upload your profile picture. Update your location, write a detailed description for your profile. Make sure the description contains the services you offer. There is no need to enter your number because clients will be able to call the number you used to register with, by clicking a simple call button on your “public view” profile.

3- Click update.