By: Joseph

Updated on 12/01/2023

Creating an Account on FULI (Fundi Link).

Fundi Link (FULI) allows users to create two types of accounts.

  1. Fundi account
  2. Customer account

The fundi account is for professional fundis who will be able to create and edit their professional profiles, create portfolio projects, showcase their daily work on the timeline, request verification and chat with customers.

The customer account is for any other user who is not a fundi. This account will enable a user to search for fundis, like and comment on timeline posts, chat with fundis, rate and review fundis and send contract proposals.

How to create a Fundi account

We have made sure that the process of creating an account on the website is easy and fast to get you onboard without a problem.

1- First open

2- Then select "fundi" or click here

3- Next, you need to fill in all information fields, set password and click on the captcha until it turns to tick. Then click register and wait until you are redirected to the next step.

4- The next step is the email confirmation step.

Note: that if there is an error in the email format the system will show you in the registration form page but if everything is okay you will be redirected on this page to complete the process.

5- Now open your email inbox and check an email with a subject line "confirmation email".

Note: If you do not see it immediately wait for up to 1 minute or check your spam/junk folder.

6- Copy the confirmation code and paste it on the empty field, then press confirm.

You will automatically be redirected to the dashboard.


How to create a Customer account

The Process is similar to creating a fundi account, but the registration pages are different. For customers, you should open and click on "customer" or click here

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