Fundi Link Client Code of Conduct

Welcome to Fundi Link! We value our community of clients and strive to maintain a positive and respectful environment for everyone. To ensure a harmonious experience for all users, please adhere to the following Client Code of Conduct:

1. Respect and Courtesy:

Treat artisans (fundis), fellow clients, and Fundi Link staff with respect and courtesy at all times.
Communicate in a polite and professional manner, both in written and verbal interactions.

2. Transparency and Honesty:

Be transparent and honest in your communications with artisans.
Provide accurate information about your project requirements, expectations, and budget.

3. Timeliness and Responsiveness:

Respond promptly to messages and inquiries from artisans.
Honor agreed-upon appointments and project timelines.

4. Fair and Ethical Conduct:

Act fairly and ethically in all your interactions with artisans and fellow clients.
Do not engage in fraudulent, deceptive, or harmful behavior.

5. Respect for Artisan's (fundi’s) Work:

Recognize and appreciate the skills and expertise of artisans.
Provide constructive feedback when necessary, rather than making disrespectful or derogatory comments.

6. Privacy and Confidentiality:

Respect the privacy and confidentiality of artisans and fellow clients.
Do not share personal information or project details without explicit consent unless for work referral purposes.

7. Safety and Compliance:

Ensure that your projects comply with local laws and regulations, including safety standards.
Avoid requesting or engaging in work that is unsafe or illegal.

8. Dispute Resolution:

In case of disputes with artisans or fellow clients, attempt to resolve them amicably through open communication and negotiation.
Utilize Fundi Link's dispute resolution process if necessary.

9. Feedback and Ratings:

Provide honest and constructive feedback to artisans after project completion.
Use the rating system responsibly and fairly, based on the quality of work and professionalism.

10. Account Security:

Safeguard your Fundi Link account credentials and notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access.

11. Reporting Violations:

If you encounter any violations of this Client Code of Conduct by other users, please report them to Fundi Link for appropriate action.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in actions taken by Fundi Link, including warnings, suspension, or termination of your account.

By adhering to this Code of Conduct, you contribute to creating a respectful and professional marketplace environment for all users. Your positive behavior and responsible conduct are vital to the success of Fundi Link and the well-being of our community.

Thank you for being a valued member of Fundi Link.